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Internet World 2012 and Google Penguin

There is no doubt that the Advertising, Affiliate and Search Theatre was one of the most popular destination at this year’s Internet World, this was certainly true of the show’s final day with seminars from key players in the digital world covering topics such as ‘Staying Google Proof 2012/13’ which was so heavily oversubscribed that half of those queuing were turned away. But, considering the incredibly recent algorithm changes from Google (two days prior to the event), this was no surprise.

Over the past week it has been clear that a mass of websites have been hit with Google’s recent announcement of their new algorithm to tighten up on existing ‘quality guidelines’. In the words of Internet World’s own speakers this ‘mass’ is in fact over a million sites. The air of panic was evident, every seminar was followed by at least one question from an MD or in-house marketer, perhaps struggling to keep up with Google’s recently volatile actions and major clamp down on ‘link schemes’, quizzing speakers on what they could do to stop their site being hit, or, in instances where it was too late, how they could recover their site’s ranks.

One of the most commonly occurring messages from the speakers of the Search Theatre was the fact that content is still king. And will continue to be so. But, to really make the most of unique content benefitting your sites, you need to be integrating this with your social media strategy. Social media provides an invaluable opportunity for sharing your unique content – particularly when it comes to the likes of images, videos and infographics, and thanks to tools such as Topsy, you can now identify relevant tweeters to whom your content is likely to be of interest. Locating these people provides prospective link building opportunities with real people who will share your content with their followers, who in turn are likely to also find this content of interest, and therefore potentially share it with their followers too – and so on.

While the necessity for link building looks set to continue, in light of Google’s latest algorithm change there is now far more focus on the quality, not quantity, of links. So as part of SEO’s on-going development, we should expect to see less backlinks to websites but they will be from far more relevant sources, as opposed to a multitude of low quality, spam-style links.

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