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The missing Google Analytics Guide

Google Analytics (GA) is today’s most popular analytics package: a number of companies and agencies rely on it to measure their website’s performance. However, GA’s ability to extract accurate and insightful data is deeply affected by its initial setup, both in terms of code and interface configuration.

Google has done a great job in providing GA users with a Help section and a Developers section to correctly configure their account, and all the learning material necessary to take the Google Analytics IQ test; but there is very little on applicable insights and best practice configuration.

That is why we have created a guide to a step by step best practice implementation for users starting with Google Analytics or wanting to amend their current setup. This document will help you meet standard requirements in order to record accurate and insightful data.

Download DBD Media’s guide to a standard implementation of Google Analytics.

This guide is designed to fit a wide variety of websites. Further configuration of your analytics account may be required to fit your particular needs.

For any questions concerning the content of this document or information on a more customised implementation, please contact DBD Media at analytics@dbdmedia.co.uk or call our web analytics team on 020 7240 0100.

For more information on our Google Analytics audit, setup and training services, please visit our Google Analytics service page.

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