29 Jul - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Reputation Management and SEO in Partnership

Nowadays, business reputations are often built on online reviews and testimonials. When everybody loves your product or service, the abundance of glowing reports can boost sales and improve your reputation, but what if you’ve had a rash of bad reviews?   And what if they are taking over your search-engine rankings? Poor reviews can certainly [...]

22 Jul - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Promoting Blockbusters with High-Impact Content

Hollywood blockbusters spend tens of millions of dollars on promoting their latest films, keen to make a profit on the works they have spent so much money on. The potentially highly lucrative sales of licensed merchandise require a film to be a success, too, so movie producers have a lot riding on getting people through [...]

20 Jul - Joren Joren -

8 Useful Things You Can Do With Google You Didn’t Know Before

Even though Google is one of the most useful sites on the Internet, most people only use about 3% of its abilities. Smart Google users, on the other hand, know how to turn Google into a currency converter, a food comparison tool or a distance calculator with special search queries. Here is a list of [...]

15 Jul - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Creating a problem-solving SEO strategy

As search engine optimisers, we deal with a lot of data. The insights we get from the analytics and tests we carry out can make a significant difference to how a business manages its online presence, yet it’s easy to drown in the data and forget that others, outside of our specialism, do not know [...]

13 Jul - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

How to engage sports fans through content marketing

In the UK, the sports market is enormous. Everyone from sporting goods retailers and manufacturers to sports clubs is competing for attention in this crowded environment, and many of these brands are realising that, by placing themselves in a position where they entertain or inform their customers, they can stand out.   Content marketing is [...]

8 Jul - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Why earning links is still key to SEO success

Link building has got a bad reputation. Years of questionable link-building tactics, in a bid to cheat the system, have made many website owners wary of doing anything that could be considered to be deliberately procuring links, while the Google Penguin algorithm updates have penalised those whose backlink profiles are ‘unnatural’.   But the truth [...]

6 Jul - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Why Content Marketing Isn’t Just About Words

For many brands, content marketing means blog posts. Yet, limiting the content that is produced and shared in this way also limits the effectiveness and reach of their marketing efforts.   The truth is that audiences love variety, and different people respond to different content formats. Do you really want to miss out on the [...]

1 Jul - -

How to effectively use GDN within your business?

What is it? GDN (or Google Display Network as it is termed) consists of numerous websites selected by Google. Such websites include Gmail, YouTube, Blogger and Google Finance, along with Google sites, the network contains around 2 million other sites and has become the world’s number one ad network. It reaches around 90% of the [...]

30 Jun - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

5 tips for writing SEO Content

As content marketing continues to dominate online business, the ability to write in a way that combines writing for both the search engines and your readers is an increasingly in-demand skill. You feel confident in your SEO knowledge, but do you feel like a great copywriter? Or is it the opposite: you know how to [...]

26 Jun - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

The Conversation After the Event: Make the Most of the Buzz

When attending industry conferences or networking events, you can make good use of social media to connect with other attendees and follow the trends. But, after the event, it does not have to end. There are still opportunities to get your name and brand ‘out there’ and take advantage of the things you have learned [...]