19 Dec - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

E-commerce lessons from Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Only two or three years ago, Black Friday and Cyber Monday were relatively unknown phenomena in the UK. However, in an incredibly short time, these lucrative marketing ploys have spread from the States, along with the sight of desperate shoppers fighting over deeply discounted goods. British consumers who bypassed the shopping centres and sought their [...]

18 Dec - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Twitter introduces ad targeting based on users’ app downloads

In a recent update to its mobile apps, Twitter added new functionality that can collect details of the apps that users have already downloaded. Explaining the update to its users, Twitter described it as a way for it to “build a more personal Twitter experience”. It stated: “Twitter is using your app graph to help [...]

15 Dec - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Securing guest blog opportunities

Guest blog posts on high quality, relevant blogs can be a useful way for a brand to get attention. By tapping into the existing popularity of a site, you can gain access to a whole new audience that are interested but not engaged with your business. How to choose which blog to approach Tools like [...]

4 Dec - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

2015: Time to finally stop freaking out about algorithm updates?

Since Google’s initial launch of Penguin 3.0 in October, industry tools have tracked several spikes in algorithm activity in the weeks following. One spike in particular occurred over Thanksgiving, which Google then confirmed. This continuous roll-out of an algorithm update is not a new thing, but this week during a Google+ Hangout John Mueller of [...]

3 Dec - -

Tumblr & Instagram see over 100% increase in users over quarter

Keeping abreast with the changing demographics of social media platform users is essential for effective social media strategy.  Whether you are looking for organic social shares or paid-for clicks, knowing the behaviour of your customers are can lead to better targeted, powerful outreach. User growth slowest on Facebook, highest on Tumblr New research by Global [...]

28 Nov - -

E-commerce at Christmas

Christmas is the most important time of year for retail stores and e-commerce is expected to account for a higher proportion of sales than ever before. Recent studies by eMarketer have highlighted some fascinating facts and figures about UK digital selling that can inform online marketing and sales strategies to maximise opportunities for a successful [...]

27 Nov - -

Successful content marketing

Content marketing has been the big, bright new thing of 2014. Companies are getting more and more interested in content marketing, and more excited about what it can do for them. But with such a busy landscape, and so many people ‘shouting’ about their amazing content, how do you get seen, and make your content [...]

20 Nov - -

Google launches mobile friendly labels in search results

Everyone who has access to the web on a mobile device has, at some stage, landed on one of those sites where the text is a fraction of a millimetre tall and the entire desktop design is squashed onto a 2.5 inch-wide screen. Links and buttons are so small that they are impossible to click, [...]

18 Nov - Natalie Natalie - Senior PPC Account Manager

Christmas PPC – What not to do

The festive season is almost upon us, and advertising for said time is in full swing.  If you haven’t already it’s time to start thinking about how you can adapt your PPC campaigns, and prepare for the busy period to come.  Last year we looked at the top ten tips for PPC at Christmas. This [...]

13 Nov - -

Drop in organic reach on Facebook: What brands can do

The Facebook News Feed is a competitive place and getting your brand’s posts in front of your customers’ eyes is getting increasingly difficult.  The News Feed uses an algorithm to decide the content that will be shown to users. This functionality, known as EdgeRank, aims to select content that is most relevant for users, based [...]