22 Apr - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

PPC troubleshooting: 5 ways your account might need changing

Pay-per-click ads are not something to set and forget; once they have been created and published, they need regular checks and updates to ensure they perform effectively. As part of your standard ongoing reviews, there are some account checks that need to be carried out to ensure your ads are performing effectively and that money [...]

15 Apr - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Google Anti-Competitive Behaviour Case Expected in EU

The European Commission is due to reveal details of an action it plans to take against Google, following a five-year investigation. Google, which boasts 90% of the European search market, has been accused by Microsoft, TripAdvisor and others of abusing its position to give its own products ‘preferential treatment’. The allegations relate to the apparent [...]

8 Apr - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Engagement hacks for ecommerce websites

E-commerce websites work hard to get potential customers to their websites. Through PPC ads, social media, SEO and outreach, they draw in prospects in the hope that they will make a purchase. However, once they are on the website, many prospects bounce back to where they came from or browse a few pages before leaving, [...]

7 Apr - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Common mistakes to avoid on your company blog

Businesses that incorporate a blog into their website usually find that they get more website traffic, rank for a range of natural long-tail keywords in search engines, and gain more social media shares. Regular, fresh content can attract new customers and demonstrate authority in your niche or industry, but many businesses make mistakes in setting [...]

24 Mar - Katie Katie -

Solar Eclipse 2015: The Best Social Media Responses

Last Friday we saw a solar eclipse in the UK, something that we won’t see for another 75 years in this country. The eclipse was the perfect platform for brands to showcase their creativity and social talents, and many brands stepped up to the mark to keep people updated, educated, and entertained throughout the spectacle. Here [...]

19 Mar - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Tips on effective email marketing

Email marketing provides a great opportunity to build trust with your audience. Here are some best practice tips that can help you to get the best out of your email subscription list. 1.       Take every opportunity to grow your list Collect email addresses – with permission – at real-life events, in-store and on your website. [...]

18 Mar - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Facebook shares topic data with advertisers

What are people talking about on Facebook? This is information that Facebook is to open up to selected marketers, so that they can “make their products and marketing more relevant to their audiences”. Facebook is presenting ‘topic data’, which will give marketers access to what customers say about brands, activities, events and more, without releasing [...]

16 Mar - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Is your email mobile friendly?

There are more mobile phones in the UK than there are people, and almost half of British adults own a smartphone. Despite this, 22% of British businesses describe their mobile email strategy as “non-existent”, while a further 39% describe it as “basic”. Take a moment to consider these stats: 68% of Gmail and Yahoo! email [...]

12 Mar - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Native videos on Facebook get greatest organic reach

Social media marketers are always on the lookout for ways to understand and exploit Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm to achieve the highest possible reach for their posts. For some time, image-based posts have been popular, but new research from SocialBakers suggests that photo posts on Facebook have lost their power. Instead, native videos shared on Facebook [...]

11 Mar - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Use Twitter to find out what people think of your business

Historically, Twitter search has been limited and somewhat frustrating. Recent improvements, however, include the inclusion of all tweets in search results, and better customisation options. Twitter’s Advanced Search offers marketers the ability to drill down and get only the search results they are looking for, eliminating irrelevant false positives and even including options for sentiment [...]