23 Jul - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

The Rise of Sponsored Posts in Content Marketing

Sponsored posts on popular blogs and websites offer companies the chance to get their branding and content in front of a whole new audience. This kind of content, also known as ‘native advertising’, is a way of getting branded articles or image-based list posts, for example, published alongside a site’s usual editorial content. Sponsored editorial [...]

21 Jul - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Google and the NSA Privacy Issue

A quick summary of the NSA controversy The US’s National Security Agency (NSA) was causing controversy way back in 1975, when they were accused of illegal domestic spying, however it is in the last 12 months that the NSA has consistently been international news. Whistleblowers – most famously Edward Snowden – judiciary hearings and testimonies, [...]

16 Jul - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Panda 4.0, Payday Loan 2.0: Avoid the hit and rise through the SERPs

A new Google Panda update has been rolled out, affecting 7.5% of English-language searches. The name, Panda 4.0, suggests that there had been significant changes to the algorithm, and some major websites have soared up the search results, while others have crashed and burned. What is the Google Panda algorithm? Panda is the name of [...]

14 Jul - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Authorship photos removed from Google search results

We have written before about the rich snippets that started to appear in Google search results that highlighted the author of a piece of content. The addition of a user photo to some search results was said to improve click-through rates by up to 150% and increase the perceived authority of the content creator. It [...]

10 Jul - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Optimise your PPC accounts for tracking telephone leads

Tracking telephone leads that come via a PPC ad can be tricky, but there are businesses that are simply better suited to customers who want to pick up their phone and speak to somebody in person. So while, in an ideal world, all conversions from PPC ads would be easily trackable online, this is just [...]

8 Jul - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Free Tools for Local SEO Success

Businesses with brick-and-mortar premises can benefit considerably from investing some time and energy into capturing local search engine attention. In our Guide to Local SEO, we detailed on-site and off-site tips to gain maximum benefit from local searches, so now we want to recommend some tools and services that can be really helpful in getting [...]

4 Jul - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Guide to Local PPC: 5 Steps to Dominate Regional Search Ads

Hot on the tails of our Guide to Local SEO, we wanted to highlight how UK businesses can get the best results from their locally focused PPC campaigns. The fact is that you don’t need your AdWords ads to be seen by everybody around the globe, or even the country. Often, you will want to [...]

2 Jul - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

A PPC Beginners Guide for Travel Companies

For the travel industry, PPC advertising can bring vital leads at this time of year. However, if you launch into it without plenty of planning and thought, highly competitive terms can become highly expensive mistakes. Managing accounts correctly is essential if this potentially very lucrative source of leads is to pay its way. So, here’s [...]

30 Jun - Rebecca Rebecca - Content Marketing Team Leader

Contacting Bloggers: A Guide for Small to Medium Fashion Brands

Working with bloggers relevant to your industry is an invaluable use of your time- particularly for small to medium businesses looking for relevant coverage. When done properly, collaborating with online influencers that align with your brand values can propel your business into the lime light. Fashion bloggers are particularly keen to partner with brands they [...]

27 Jun - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

A Guide to Local SEO

Any business that seeks local customers or clients can benefit from focusing on local SEO, whether they are a brick-and-mortar store, a café or restaurant, or an office-based business. If your local area has an impact on the work you do and the customers you want to attract, local SEO should be taken seriously. Onsite [...]