31 Oct - -

How local UK businesses can prepare for Pigeon update

Earlier this year, Google rolled out a new algorithm update that impacted local search results in the USA. Although it has not been officially confirmed by Google, it is expected that a similar update will be implemented here and, understandably, UK businesses with a local or regional presence are keen to know how they can [...]

29 Oct - -

Google Pigeon: Local business search listing algorithm coming to UK?

In July this year, a Google algorithm update was launched that had a significant impact on a number of local search listings in the US. Named ‘Pigeon’ by Search Engine Land, this update has made a notable difference to some American local search results and it is expected that the algorithm will be rolled out [...]

28 Oct - -

Stop counting! Why followers don’t matter

As more and more businesses acknowledge the importance of social media marketing, their focus is often on getting the highest number of likes and followers as possible. After all, the more fans, the better, right? This is an understandable approach. Watching those numbers rise is gratifying, and it makes it easy to presume you are [...]

21 Oct - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Dynamic remarketing now available to all advertisers

Google AdWords is extending its dynamic remarketing functionality so that, over the next few weeks, it will become available to all its advertisers. Whereas until now it has predominantly only been an option for retailers, it will be made accessible to marketers in all verticals including classified ads, hotels, jobs, and finance. Dynamic remarketing means [...]

17 Oct - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Mobile PPC Best-Practice Advice, Direct from Google

In the UK, 32% of adults make a purchase via their smartphone at least once a month, compared to only 8% in France. Smartphone usage as a whole has gone up to 68%, and more than 40% of UK adults use multiple devices to access the internet. Is this an indication that we are finally [...]

10 Oct - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Google Panda 4.1 Update: What Website Owners Need to Know

Following the release of Panda 4.0 earlier this year, in recent weeks Google has rolled out a smaller update to its website quality algorithm. This update, dubbed Panda 4.1, has affected 3-5% of searches, and Google states that it has found and applied new criteria to judge how good – or poor – a website’s [...]

8 Oct - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Facebook Targets SMEs with ‘Local Awareness Ads’

Brands with Facebook Pages will have noticed a recent increase in prompts to start creating PPC ads on the platform. Pop-ups and notifications encouraging the take-up of promoted content and Page advertisements are appearing on Pages that have never used paid advertising before, with Facebook seemingly keen on getting all its business Page users set [...]

3 Oct - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Google website call conversions

Google AdWords click-to-call ad extensions are an effective way of tracking the number of people who call a business directly from their AdWords ad on their mobile phone. Indeed, 70% of people who carry out searches on a mobile device have phoned a business in this way, so this integrated and streamlined service is as [...]

2 Oct - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Structured snippets

Google Web Search is introducing a new feature, currently in place in a small number of search results. ‘Structured snippets’ are a way to add extra, useful information to search listings, incorporating details and facts into the results page underneath individual search results. For example, when I searched for information on the Citroen DS3, these [...]

26 Sep - DBD Media DBD Media - Insights

Ad Retargeting: Stats and Specifics for Success

Ad retargeting is a popular tool for marketers who want to really catch people’s attention. The ability to remind customers and prospects of the products they have looked at recently offers a lot of potential for increasing brand awareness, and retargeted ads’ ability to inspire sales where they might otherwise have been lost is impressive. [...]