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How to effectively use GDN within your business?

What is it? GDN (or Google Display Network as it is termed) consists of numerous websites selected by Google. Such websites include Gmail, YouTube, Blogger and Google Finance, along with Google sites, the network contains around 2 million other sites and has become the world’s number one ad network. It reaches around 90% of the [...]

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5 tips for writing SEO Content

As content marketing continues to dominate online business, the ability to write in a way that combines writing for both the search engines and your readers is an increasingly in-demand skill. You feel confident in your SEO knowledge, but do you feel like a great copywriter? Or is it the opposite: you know how to [...]

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The Conversation After the Event: Make the Most of the Buzz

When attending industry conferences or networking events, you can make good use of social media to connect with other attendees and follow the trends. But, after the event, it does not have to end. There are still opportunities to get your name and brand ‘out there’ and take advantage of the things you have learned [...]

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Lessons we can take from big brands winning at content marketing

 Content marketing is about telling a story that resonates with your audience and finding a relevant channel to deliver it. Here are 3 big brands that have led the way and, more importantly, what we, without the multi million pound budgets, can learn. 1. Innocent Drinks Innocent Smoothies content marketing is absolutely spot on; it [...]

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4 Tools for Content Marketing Inspiration

Sometimes, content ideas flow thick and fast; there’s plenty of industry news and lots to talk about. Other days, however, coming up with an idea for a blog post seems impossible. You know there must be something to write about but you’re stumped as to what it is… You’re not alone. In fact, it’s a [...]

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Twitter Introduces Auto-Play Videos to its Timelines

Following Facebook’s success with auto-play videos in its feeds, Twitter has now introduced the same feature. It is not a huge surprise, given how much of a triumph this move has been on Facebook, where the site now gets more video views per day than YouTube.   Like with Facebook, the videos will be muted [...]

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How Thinking Like Your Customer Will Get You Better Results

As an SEO professional, the chances are you probably face technical web issues on a daily basis rather than coming up with more (fluffy) creative ideas. However, we are still working in an industry that allows us – more than ever – to be creative with a plethora of new technologies to hand. So why [...]

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Instagram Advertising to Expand to All Businesses

Until now, Instagram advertising has only been available to a small number of large businesses. However, the site has now announced that, through the course of this year, the opportunity to advertise on their image-based social network will open up to all businesses.   In addition to the increase in the number of brands that [...]

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10 Things You Need to Do to Reduce Your Website’s High Bounce Rate

    When you look in Google Analytics, how high is your bounce rate? Does it vary from page to page, or based on whether your visitors arrive via organic search or PPC ads?   These are stats that you need to be familiar with if you want to boost engagement on your website and [...]

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Improve your click through rate on Adwords

The average click-through rate in Google’s search network is 2% so if your CTR is falling below this it’s worth trying these top tips. Check you’re targeting the right keywords If your keywords are too vague or all encompassing, you risk showing up on unrelated search results rendering yourself irrelevant to those who see your [...]